• Creativity and passion

  • I love challenges

  • Started coding since 2013.

Programming is in my blood. Geoffrey Hendrikx

Who am I?


I'm Geoffrey Hendrikx and I'm a Gamedeveloper since 2014. Living in the Netherlands.
I'm 25 years old and have a degree in Game developing.
I worked on different things in this industry and love participating in GameJams.
Currently studying, networking and looking for an internship.

Check out the Game MECHAnics for which I won the prices best gamedesign and best game of the show in the Global Game Jam 2020.

I'm a fanatic Game jammer I won 2 times the Best game also with the game Timmy.

When I did an internship at STARK Learning the objective was to learn people in the wind industry to manage a wind turbine.
This was the first time I worked with VR and making an serious game for it. This was a 6 month internship.

Shipped Titles

  • Het verloren schrift:
  • This Adventure Game was created in the context of 75 years of freedom in the Netherlands.
    In 'Het verloren schrift' the player 'experiences with his own eyes' an adventure with his 'friends'.
    What begins as a pleasant outing turns into a quest for the mysterious owner of a lost notebook.
    This Game is only in dutch available.

  • Thrill Rush:
  • Thrill Rush is the sequel to the popular Uphill Rush racing game, which has been played by more than 30 million people around the world. This game is made in coorperation with Team 6 and Triangle studio. Team 6 is known of the titles Super Street and Road Rage

You can Hire me as a Freelancer.


Game Development

My game development sources in C# or C++. On this website you'll find all my sources for my Unity, Unreal Godot and other projects

C++ development

C++ is something that I've been working on these last few years.


Python is a programming language I love to train myself in to do complex math skills.


Experimenting new things for example ECS, algorithms or C++.


I love programming and being creative.

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